Our Partners

Our Partners

The Sakks business model is primarily focused on providing high-quality support for infrastructure and client staff, combined with effective project management and third party management. We complement our own services by working with a selection of approved ‘best of breed’ partners to meet more specialist requirements and we manage these relationships on your behalf; in order to simplify and reduce the operational overhead.
In order to provide the most appropriate service, it is important that the right partners are brought together; those that produce the best software, the best networking technology, the best connectivity solutions, and the most secure and robust hosting solutions after all, we recognize that if you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything.

Sakks has maintained strong relationships with a wide range of technology partners for many years, developing a range of unique solutions that help us work closely together, so that our clients need only to contact Sakks. Sakks is a Partner, and works closely with Microsoft.

Sakks is also a member on the SMB Advisory Council, where we influence strategic decisions in order to benefit our clients. Our long standing relationship with Microsoft also provides us early exposure to technology and the ability to escalate problems to senior Microsoft technicians, which ultimately helps us provide a better service to our clients.</br>

"Sakks Solutions are one of our most forward thinking and knowledgeable partners in the Managed Services arena. We work together and actively test our end customer strategies with Sakks as they are well positioned to help us create the relevant services that businesses require. Without customers like Sakks we find it difficult to respond to the needs of the customer." Mark K, Flexi Jet Director.

“Customers need to work with organisations that will provide them with the latest technological solutions that will help them compete. BT Business Partner Sales work with Sakks to extend reach into the marketplace but it is not just about product reach. The customer focus which Sakks has, along with their knowledge and experience make this a great partnership which continues to grow.” Maureen Anyango, General Manager, BT Business Partner Sales


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