Why choose Sakks

Why Choose Sakks

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." – Henry Ford

Our performance
At Sakks we believe “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. This is why we have developed so many solutions ourselves to ensure we can obtain exactly what we need.

Making your choices easier
Technology is always changing, creating an understandable level of anxiety in many organisations. Which solutions will benefit my organisation? Which can I afford? Which are reliable? Will this solution still be right for us in the future? Will we be “locked in”? In recognition of this we have worked with Microsoft to create an Immersion Experience, a Sakks facility which provides you a hands-on experience of what is possible. This involves 7 small steps during which time we provide you with the confidence that the chosen direction is perfect for your organisations, we refer to this as our “7 steps to excellence”.

It’s all about your feedback
At Sakks we believe that it’s irrelevant what we do if we are not keeping clients happy. For many years we have built systems that help align everything we do to the experience of our customers. Our feedback systems allow us to do clever things like analyse the relationships between staff satisfaction and specific technology, determining what creates the most frustration within your organization so we can suggest alternatives. This is just one of our many unique solutions.

Breadth and depth of skills and services

Because our primary focus is that of quality, and in recognition of the large volume of possible solutions available, it is impossible for any IT provider to offer its customers every single service that they may require although that doesn’t stop many suggesting they can. Even if a provider has a “similar” service on offer, is it the most appropriate for a customer’s needs? At Sakks we want to ensure customers have the most suitable solution to meet their needs. This is why we have clever ways of transparently integrating partner’s services into our service mix which ultimately guarantees both the overall suitability of the service, but also the speed you can benefit from new emerging technologies. Want to know more, talk to us about our “Partner Aggregation” platform.
Our heritage
In IT terms, we’ve be around for a long time. If you want to understand what is at the heart of any company, look at it’s past. Sakks has always been steeped in innovation, radical thinking, and an unrelenting desire to deliver the best possible service, and some things never change. We have continually adapted to changing markets, and come out top. Not by copying others or attempting to do everything ourselves, but carefully choosing to complement our own award winning services with those partners who themselves have award winning services. What does this mean for our customers? They get the very best services available.

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