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Sakks Solutions provides exceptional services for clients who expect quality and reliability as part of their company infrastructure. We support organisations in the financial sector to grow their businesses and mitigate risk, by providing reliable technology systems as the foundation of their operations. With experience in delivering responsive services, coupled with the ability to create custom built solutions to meet client’s specific needs, Sakks prides itself on its impressive reputation in the industry. We are the chosen partner for asset management, private equity and investment management organisation.

If you, like us, believe that well managed IT is an investment in your business, then get in touch to discuss our services. If this is something that you’re not convinced about, then why not let us talk to you about your options? There is no hard sell or any obligation, we would simply be delighted to discuss with you how we have helped other, similar businesses and what we could do for you.

Our business managers have a wealth of knowledge as well as a personable manner. Spare us a few minutes of your time to have a conversation, and allow us the opportunity to tell you more about the solutions and services we offer

The right tools

Sakks provide it's Financial Service customers a lot more in addition to our award-winning IT managed services and professional services. We see our role as providing everything you need to ensure your IT is delivered to the highest standard, it is transparent with appropriate reporting and performance metrics, and well governed using the industry leading business service applications. Some of the applications Sakks provide to companies in the financial sector are:

 Governance, Risk & Compliance  This provides our financial services clients an enterprise-grade platform to manage risk and compliance.
 Asset Management Platform  This provides suitable management around your IT assets - reporting, depreciation, warranty management 
 License Management This helps to ensure you have the appropriate licenses for the applications you use 
 Usage Analysis This provides you real-time information about which applications get the most use that, in turn, helps to inform subsequent license discussions. 
 Strategy / Roadmap This provides a collaborative space to manage your IT and Business Roadmap. 
 IT Service Management If you have an internal IT function, this provides you access to a fully functional IT Service Management suite.  
 Unified Infrastructure Monitoring We use one of the IT Industries most advanced IT monitoring platforms to provide automated root-cause-analysis ensuring a rapid response to critical incidents. 
 Business Reporting A flexible reporting engine which ensures the reports you need are readily available and easy to understand. 

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