Oil and Mining

Responsive, flexible and future-proof.

At Sakks we have developed a robust IT project management system focussing on the safety requirements, transparency of information and financial visibility the oil and mining industry needs. We have designed intelligent reporting options as part of the IT solutions available, enabling industry specialists to oversee operations with financial clarity.

We understand that it is paramount in the oil and mining sector to have an IT system which can be adapted depending on specific requirements. The industry is renowned for its ever changing operations and we here at Sakks keep up to date with how this might affect what you need in terms of an excellent support system. With global requirements and Kenya compliance becoming increasingly demanding on the industry, our IT solutions are designed as bespoke management systems that are able to incorporate changes as required. By designing services that are adaptable, according to regulatory demands and changing environments, your investment is a cost effective way of ensuring a reliable operation.

The right tools

Sakks provide it's oil & gas sector customers a lot more in addition to our award-winning IT managed services and professional services. We see our role as providing everything you need to ensure your IT is delivered to the highest standard, it is transparent with appropriate reporting and performance metrics, and well governed using the industry leading business service applications. Whatever your requirements Sakks is confident we can design a solution to meet your performance and service criteria while ensuring you have the necessary reports to provide you confidence we are exceeding our commitments. Some of the applications Sakks provide to companies in the oil & gas sector are:

Asset Management Platform  This provides suitable management around your IT assets - reporting, depreciation, warranty management 
 License Management This helps to ensure you have the appropriate licenses for the applications you use 
 Usage Analysis This provides you real-time information about which applications get the most use that, in turn, helps to inform subsequent license discussions. 
 Governance, Risk & Compliance This provides our clients an enterprise-grade platform to manage risk and compliance. 
 Strategy / Roadmap This provides a collaborative space to manage your IT and Business Roadmap. 
 IT Service Management If you have an internal IT function, this provides you access to a fully functional IT Service Management suite.  
 Unified Infrastructure Monitoring We use one of the IT Industries most advanced IT monitoring platforms to provide automated root-cause-analysis ensuring a rapid response to critical incidents. 
 Business Reporting A flexible reporting engine which ensures the reports you need are readily available and easy to understand. 

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