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remote working solutions

Extending the network beyond the office, whilst ensuring optimal network security, is a core Sakks skill.

With Sakks's help, your team could be working effectively and productively, regardless of their location. Whether they require access to voice services, e-mail, their office desktop or your company extranet, we can design solutions that are cost effective, secure and reliable.

At Sakks, we deliver most of the leading remote working solutions available. By linking the right devices to well proven systems, we deliver a high quality “in-office” experience for those who are out of the office for large parts of their working day. By connecting mobile employees to valuable data and applications, our solutions improve their productivity and effectiveness across the entire working day.



office 365

Office 365 is an integral part of Microsoft’s Online Services strategy and is central to its long-term goal to bring world class collaboration tools to all organisations, regardless of size, geography or business complexity.

It brings together Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync in an integrated, always available cloud service. More importantly, it is available for a predictable monthly fee and without the need for upfront capital expenditure.

As one of Microsoft’s key UK partners, and as a member of its global Partner Advisory Council, Sakks has been working closely with Microsoft on the development and roll out of its cloud services. We think this gives us unparalleled insight into how to get the most from a move to Office 365 and other cloud computing services.

We believe that by utilising Office 365 and complementing it with the Sakks Support service, our clients can reduce the cost of ownership of their IT infrastructure and still have the comfort of dealing with a trusted local partner who both understands their individual requirements and can manage the migration to the cloud or a hosted option and ensure the business drivers are met.


"For Sakks, Office 365 is a fantastic way of bringing the Microsoft experience to any size of client in an easy to manage method that works for the client. In the current economic climate it is vital we have solutions that fit the requirements and the budget and 365 does that for many clients."
Samuel, Service Delivery Manager


At Sakks, we take the time to understand your business requirements before suggesting a solution and we always ensure that the final product meets the criteria agreed at the outset. As with any IT solution, there are many ways to deliver Office 365 and we can help you find the right path.

If you are new to the cloud, or are wondering how it could help your business, talk to us about how to get the most from the technology.


advisory service

The Sakks Advisory Team brings together experts in business planning and IT strategy, helping clients to maximise the value of ongoing technology investments. As your business grows and evolves, inevitably your IT strategy must evolve with it. At Sakks, our strategic and technical advisory team works with clients to identify opportunities for improvement, to plan for the future and to manage change. We help senior decision-makers to identify how technology can improve business performance, ensuring that IT strategies are aligned with commercial and business objectives. We advise on IT investment decisions, helping busy clients to budget and plan for the future with confidence. Typical organisational challenges we assist with are:

  • Advising on integration challenges following a merger
  • Assisting clients to make best use of their business data
  • Helping organisations to increase efficiency via enhanced productivity and reduced costs


business recovery

With IT being a critical service within most businesses ensuring the availability of information and services is normally of paramount importance. Sakks offers businesses a range of risk management and recovery services all built around your specific needs, providing stability and continuity to staff and customers. 



strategic technology alignment

We believe the business strategy should dictate the direction of evolution of IT systems. To remain competitive every business needs to change. Often IT systems remain relatively static. As part of the Sakks "Experience Excellence" engagement, we deliver a range of services aimed at continually aligning your systems and services to your needs.


customer immersion experience suite

At Sakks we recognise that technological change can be exhausting to some. This is why we built our Customer Immersion Experience suite - a facility aimed at helping clients experience the technology that can help them meet their strategic goals. This is an interactive experience which helps reduce the anxiety around change and brings to life some of the new ways of working. If you want to experience a free session in our Immersion Suite.




In short, we help our clients to get the most out of their IT investment, so that their systems add tangible business value and return on investment

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