With well over 5 years of experience delivering project and support services.

We have a story or two about the benefits our clients obtained through our services.

Our solutions fall into a number of categories:

  • underpinning your growth
  • minimising risks
  • improving efficiency
  • enhancing user experience

Many of our clients use us as their only IT resource. Some use our skills to compliment their own internal team.Please talk to us about your business drivers - are you looking for flexibility, to improve staff collaboration, to enable remote users, or worried about security and risk. We would be delighted to tell you how we addressed these and many other projects.

We take a sharp approach to IT project delivery – we know this can make a real difference to how things change in your organisation. We proudly provide professional & distinct IT advice and consultancy together with an extensive range of transparently delivered partner services. Our focus on excellence runs through all we do.

Because of that we work with businesses that recognise the value of distinct, innovative and responsive IT services. These businesses are of different sizes, operating in different countries, but they all choose SAKKS because they know excellence in IT services can bring value to what they do. We work with people who know that ‘cheapest’ is not always ‘best’.
We work with business leaders who demand quality in all they do. People who believe in excellence. We’re not for everyone & that allows us to focus on the people that really count. The excellence seekers, quality hunters & forward thinking business leaders. These people build long term partnerships with SAKKS. We know their business & strive to help them succeed in all they do.
The passion of our people to bring excellence to all they do stands us apart. This is combined with the professionalism you would expect & a tech edge that means we always stay on the front foot. Our people are powered by the unique functionality of The Sakks platform. This ensures that we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable and unusually accountable service to our clients.

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