Pay per use, flexible cloud solutions 

The ‘cloud’ and the applicability of this technology to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) is a source of much debate and mis-information. Cloud is now a widely used concept and also a widely misused term, which has left many companies not knowing how – and if – to proceed.
At Sakks, we believe deploying cloud monitoring solutions can result in significant benefits, chief of which is greater choice and flexibility in IT infrastructure design. However, as with any other technology, the deployment of cloud services needs to be considered in light of overall business requirements. Our consultants, engineers and commercial department are expert in guiding you through the decision making process to ascertain if and where cloud is right for you.

"We had heard of cloud and hosted solutions, who hasn’t now, but we weren’t sure if it was right for us. Sakks helped us understand the concepts and apply them to our requirements so we could make an informed decision on where we use cloud in our overall strategy."

Westhouse Securities, John Kimani

Sakks has a long history in hosted services and pure cloud technologies and we are expertly equipped to provide consulting, products and services around cloud migration. Sakks has successfully executed a number of cloud projects ranging in scale, duration and complexity. Our many years of experience, coupled with the caliber of our engineers, consultants and project managers, ensures that we deliver quality systems, within deadline and within budget.

cloud infrastructure projects

End-to-end design, planning, procurement and implementation of cloud solutions. We perform all the necessary work to take your existing infrastructure, right-size and build the target infrastructure, and migrate your data. If the user experience changes - we also help train staff to make sure they are fully benefiting from the new solution. We specialise in performing this work with minimal impact on you and your colleagues.

cloud readiness projects

Review your data storage and application requirements to save you additional costs when in the cloud. In the Cloud one of the biggest costs is storage - if you are considering moving from an on-premise solution to the Cloud, we have built our own analysis solutions to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum.

cloud extrication projects

Some clients requirements change and need to move back to on-premise solutions.  After all, Cloud is not right for every organization. Sakks Cloud specific services do not tie clients into their future use - we recognize that business requirements change so our services are flexible too.

cloud backup

Secure, robust, restore and data management services utilizing the Sakks backup platform. Our solution can scale to many Petabytes - with tiered storage so you pay based for storage and recovery times.


cloud monitoring

Whether it is monitoring your cloud solution or your cloud provider, Sakks’s Life signs platform can monitor, report, and resolve IT issues proactively. Sakks has one of the most advanced monitoring solutions as we would prefer to prevent a problem than address it once its occurred.


small business cloud

Our hosted, multi-tenanted solution can provide your IT infrastructure outside of your organization.



Sakks enterprise cloud


For those with large server estates, a scalable and flexible solution to meet your Production, Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability needs. There are a range of options tailored around your business drivers (security, flexibility, accessibility, and location - data sovereignty)


microsoft cloud services

Managing, migrating, monitoring and supporting Office 365 environments.  Read more about this on our Business Services page.

private cloud

Enabling you to benefit from using the cloud concepts but providing the control and security you need to meet your requirements. Ideal for those organizations that need full control and flexibility.

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